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Life at Takeda

We’re a strong, focused team of colleagues around the world who are united by a shared vision, values, and mission — to bring better health and a brighter future to people worldwide. Our core values are to put the patients first and guide our actions through Takeda-ism — to act with Integrity, Fairness, Honesty, and Perseverance.

Read the stories of how our people shine.

  • Baris

    Baris D.

    Product Manager, Hematology

    Since joining Takeda in 2016, “I’ve seen first-hand how the company never loses sight of patients and how the teams keep patients at the center of everything they do,” Baris reflects. “But it’s also about how we’re empowered to make a visible impact and take charge of our careers” ... More

  • Bridget

    Bridget B.

    Medical Manager, Oncology

    Bridget was searching for an opportunity to do something new and different....“Takeda is transforming the way it works and is becoming more specialized. When you join the team, your expertise will be used and your perspectives are valued … from day one.”More

  • Bunnai

    Bunnai S., Ph.D.

    Associate Director, Drug Discovery Chemistry Laboratories

    After Bunnai Saito completed his post doctorial research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2008, he had a choice: to start his scientific career in academia or in business. He chose the latter, and, more specifically, he chose Takeda. “Takeda is the most famous pharmaceutical company in Japan,” he shares. More

  • Maria

    Maria H.

    Gastroenterology Business Unit Manager, Emerging Markets

    As the Gastroenterology Business Unit Manager in Mexico, Maria H's team is comprised of marketing and sales professionals.... What unites them all is their shared passion for patients.... "Everyone gives their best effort and we always remember, we work for the patient. Our work brings better lives and we are all aligned on this.” More

  • Tomer

    Tomer B-Z.

    Pricing & Payers Solution Manager

    After working for several years at another large pharmaceutical company, Tomer made the decision to join Takeda in 2017. “I love that I’m learning something new every day,” Tomer shares. Being part of a company that encourages its employees to learn and grow makes him excited to come to work every day. More

  • Rebecca

    Rebecca Y.

    Vice President, Market Access & External Affairs

    Rebecca considers herself to be a disruptor, an entrepreneur, an innovator, and a believer. And, she’s able to be all of those in her leadership role as Vice President, Market Access and External Affairs at Takeda Canada. “I know that I need to work in a place where I can grow and be challenged, and what motivates me the most is to make a difference.”More

  • Kannan

    Kannan K.

    Director, Global Program Leader

    In 2009, Kannan joined Takeda’s oncology discovery department. Fast-forward three role changes and years later, today, Kannan works as a Global Program Leader in the clinical development part of the organization. From strategy to operations to delivery, he is responsible for asset development specifically within the Oncology... More

  • Kelly

    Kelly G.

    Director, Global Strategic Operations & Portfolio Management, Vaccine Business Unit

    Throughout his career, Kelly G. has truly experienced Takeda’s supportive and empowering culture.... In 2013, Kelly joined Takeda’s Vaccine Business Unit (VBU) in Japan.... “I am half Japanese and spent my summers as a child in Japan with my grandmother…..So, not only was the work exciting, but I had a very personal connection to Japan, too. More

  • Jen

    Jen C.

    Chief of Staff and Head of Gastroenterology (GI) Therapeutic Area Unit General Operations

    Jen describes herself as a “returning Takeda alum”. She was drawn back to the organization because of Takeda’s unrivaled patient focus. When asked what patient-centricity means to her, she says, “It’s about putting the patient at the center... More

  • Akiko

    Akiko K., M.D., Ph.D.

    Medical Director, Oncology Therapeutic Area Unit

    In her role as a Medical Director in Takeda’s Oncology Therapeutic Area Unit, Akiko’s work has a direct impact on patients worldwide. But it was one cancer patient close at home that inspired her.... When her grandmother passed away, Akiko knew that she wanted to commit her life to developing drugs to help cure cancer. More

  • Jackson

    Jackson S.

    Associate Director, Entyvio, Emerging Markets

    Jackson wasn’t looking for just any opportunity to do more. It had to be meaningful, patient-centric, and innovative.... Within one year of starting his career at Takeda, Jackson helped to successfully launch Entyvio (vedolizumab).... For patients living with these GI conditions, this was the first new hope and medicinal innovation they had experienced in nearly a decade. More