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Our Story Begins in Japan

In 1781, Chobei Takeda I began selling traditional Japanese and Chinese herbal medicines in Doshomachi, the medicine district of Osaka, Japan. His small shop bought medicines from wholesalers, divided them into smaller batches, and sold them to local medicine merchants and doctors. He built a reputation for business integrity and quality products and services — all of which are ongoing commitments that continue to guide how we work.

Our Global Presence and Four Priorities

Today, we are the number one pharmaceutical company in Japan and a global industry leader. Our best-in-class products are marketed worldwide, positively impacting millions of lives.

What drives us is our mission: to strive towards better health and a brighter future for people worldwide. Our ability to deliver healthcare to patients across the globe is achieved by: focusing on our chosen core therapeutic areas and vaccines, raising the bar on innovation, world-class research and development, and focusing on our four priorities:

  • Putting patients at the center
  • Building trust with society
  • Reinforcing the reputation of the company
  • Delivering superior business performance

Be Part of Our History and Future

As Takeda enriches the lives of patients and employees, we are also undergoing a transformation. Our vision is clear. By 2025, we will be a global pharmaceutical leader, not only because of our innovative portfolio, business performance, agility and partnerships, but also because of the way that we are guided by our core values, to put the patients first and guide our actions through Takeda-ism — to act with Integrity, Fairness, Honesty and Perseverance.

When you join us, you become a vital part of our Vision 2025 to serve the needs of patients, wherever they are.

“You must deal with medicines as though the patients being treated were your own children.”

Chobei I, Founder