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Jen C

Heena H.

Country Medical Lead, Genetic Diseases
London, UK
Employee Since 2005

Collaboration to Support Patients and Individuals

From managing the medical team to developing new strategies to address the needs of patients and clinicians, “Every day is different in a good way,” Heena says. She seeks collaboration, support, and guidance from business units across Takeda in keeping the patient at the center of everything she does.

To learn more about collaboration within Takeda, Heena shares her thoughts on four ways this comes to life within the organization.

1. Open Door Policy

Access to leadership is very important in being able to get work done and collaborate effectively. From setting strategy and direction to working through innovative ideas, Heena appreciates the open-door leadership style of her managing director and has seen this way of working trickle down in other areas. It’s one of the reasons she has been with Takeda for more than 15 years. “Leadership has given me healthy challenges and that cements in my mind what is right for me.”

2. Acceptance of New Ideas

“Across the organization, if you think of something that will benefit a therapy area, the National Health Service (NHS), or a patient, you will be listened to,” says Heena. “Our backgrounds are diverse and we bring different insights to projects.” This mindset is important to have when working here, and Takeda is always open to adapting the work and the therapies to ensure what is done is right for patients. This includes working collaboratively on delivering cross-functional projects and having the ability to make an impact and work through ideas that might not be related to your specific area.

3. Focus on Delivering

“People really do get things done,” reflects Heena, “They aren’t just working on everything and delivering on nothing.” At Takeda, there is a clear focus and an expectation for collaboration in delivering for patients. It’s about working on the right things at the right time with the right people, and focusing on the benefits of what is being done and how it fits within the company. The innovation and ability to adapt to change and to the needs of the NHS and patients are what most excites Heena about the future of Takeda.

4. Empowerment for Growth

Career development at Takeda is centered on the individual and the company enables it to happen. “They don’t just look for qualifications, they look for what you can bring to the position,” says Heena, “Believe in your own ability to do the things you want to do. If you do that, things will happen.” This mindset provides the ability for individuals to work in a number of different areas, business units, and geographies, while pursuing training opportunities to learn, grow, and collaborate. In her time at Takeda, she has been responsible for identifying where and how she might want to grow—what was the rationale, the impact, the timing—thinking about the next role or focusing on how to develop capabilities for her current role. That healthy challenge helps to sort out what is right for the business and for the individual.

“Believe in your own ability to do the things you want to do. If you do that, things will happen.”