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Jackson S.

Associate Director, Entyvio, Emerging Markets
Employee Since 2015

A Cup of Coffee Leads to Patient Innovation

For Jackson, an inspirational career filled with innovation and a focus on patients, and moving from Australia to Singapore, happened rather quickly — and it all started with one conversation in a coffee shop.

Jackson is not new to the pharmaceutical industry. He has an extensive healthcare and pharmaceutical sales background, and years of experience as a registered nurse. Throughout his career, he has always made patients a priority. As a pharmaceutical pioneer, he launched For Benefit Medicines — the first Australian social enterprise pharmaceutical company with the aim to donate 100% of profits to medical research and patient support. Knowing that he needed to do even more, he kept his eyes open for opportunities in biopharma.

Improving the Quality of Life for Patients

For Jackson, he wasn’t looking for just any opportunity to do more. It had to be meaningful, patient-centric, and innovative. That is when he found Takeda — a perfect match for him. Within one year of starting his career at Takeda, Jackson helped to successfully launch Entyvio (vedolizumab), a prescription medicine used in adults with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease, which are marked by inflammation in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. For patients living with these GI conditions, this was the first new hope and medicinal innovation they had experienced in nearly a decade. In 2016, Entyvio was named the ‘Best Launch in 2016’ by the PRIME Awards in Australia.

“If you have the ambition and you want to strive forward, Takeda is the place to be.”

Mobility, Trust, and Empowerment

At Takeda, Jackson sees a sense of empowerment all around him. He recalls several employees — successful in their current roles — ready for new challenges. All it took was raising their hands and saying, ‘I’m ready for a new opportunity,’ to take the next steps in their careers. “If you have the ambition and you want to strive forward,” Jackson says, “Takeda is the place to be.”

Still living in Australia, Jackson continued to discover his potential, when a colleague told him about another opportunity at Takeda that would move him and his family to Singapore. There, he would help the company launch Entyvio again, this time in emerging markets (countries that have some characteristics of a developed market with economies progressing towards becoming more advanced). It was a massive undertaking and a huge jump, but he was “confident in the assurance from peers and leaders.”

It’s not uncommon at Takeda for employees to move to pursue a new role in the company in another country. This internal, global mobility allows employees to gain new experiences and perspectives. In return, Takeda is able to retain top pharmaceutical talent. “Takeda will offer you the experience, if you want it, and believes in investing in their employees.”

Takeda-ism: It’s What Good Looks Like

The culture at Takeda is rooted in the values of Takeda-ism (Integrity, Fairness, Honesty, and Perseverance) and four priorities (Patient, Trust, Reputation, and Business). Employees live by and take these values and priorities seriously. “It’s what good looks like,” states Jackson. If you can live by these you “can be a pretty darn good person” and “they help Takeda remain so patient-centric.”

He’s been in the industry long enough to know that most pharmaceutical companies say they’re ‘patient-centric’. But also points out that Takeda “puts their money where their mouth is.” There is an Access to Medicines strategy in place to help patients get the medicines they need, even if they don’t have the financial resources. “Takeda is very generous, but it’s because of our priorities and the Takeda-ism values that we do what we do.”

While he is an experienced industry leader, Jackson knows there is still plenty to learn and he’s committed to Takeda. He describes the company as “a young entity with a long history behind it.” And, although there will inevitably be challenges as Takeda enters into new markets and builds its pipeline, the company acknowledges the change, and is taking the steps to focus on a brighter future — for patients, employees, and people worldwide.