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AGILE Champion for Osaka Plant (チェンジエージェント)

Job ID R0029968 Date posted Jun. 15, 2021 Location Jūsō-honmachi, Japan

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Job Description

Please note that this job requires native level Japanese language command not only in speaking, but also in business writing and reading.

Takeda is unwavering in our commitment to patients. With the patient at the center of everything we do, we continue to innovate and drive changes that will better their lives - we’re looking for like-minded professionals to join us.

Takeda is the number one pharmaceutical company in Japan and a global industry leader –we are united by our four priorities (Patients, Trust, Reputation, and Business) and our shared values of Takeda-ism: Integrity, Fairness, Honesty, and Perseverance. Takeda-ism is more than just a word. It’s a belief and a mindset which guides our decisions, behaviors, and interactions. It’s how we strive to work and live, every day.



Department introduction


ビジネスエクセレンス室は、グローバルに展開する生産性・品質の改善活動プログラム(AGILE活動)をリードする、チェンジエージェント(AGILE Champion)で構成されています。グローバルと連携しながら、大阪工場のパフォーマンス改善及び工場内に継続的改善の文化を構築する事を目指し、活動しております。具体的な活動には、工場略からプロジェクトロードマップを策定すること、改善プロジェクトをリードすること、現場スタッフやリーダーをコーチングし、フィードバックすること、更には、工場及びグローバル規模で行われる活動の企画・運営することなどが含まれます。


AGILE活動はGMS/GQの全組織を通じてグローバルに展開する改善活動プログラムです。AGILE Championで構成されるBusiness Excellence室は、グローバルがリードする5つのワークストリームと連携し、工場のパフォーマンス改善及び工場内に継続的改善の文化を構築する事を目指し活動をリードします。具体的な活動には、工場からプロジェクトロードマップを策定すること、AGILE Championとして改善プロジェクトをリードすること、現場スタッフやリーダーをコーチングし、フィードバックすること、更には、工場及びグローバル規模で行われる活動の企画やすることなどが含まれます

A. Deploy AGILE program across sites:

·As a member of the Business Excellence site team, become an AGILE expert.

·Drive and actively implement AGILE initiatives.

·Deliver the AGILE program at site realizing business improvements and engaging all employees.

·Collaborate with workstream leads and owners to understand key programs for deployment and applicability to site.

·Participate in the strategy deployment process at site to understand strategy and support translation into AGILE activities in roadmap.

·Actively support the delivery of the AGILE roadmap and wave initiatives, developing skills through co-leading initiatives and eventually lead AGILE projects.

·Develop own capabilities in AGILE as detailed in AGILE Champion certification document.

B. Collaboration:

·Visit other sites occasionally to learn, share, and replicate good practices.

·Be a “new pair of eyes”; provide feedback and receive feedback.

·Support and assist other AGILE Champions for the sites and functions in their AGILE journey

·Actively share best practices through AGILE sharing tools and Community of Practice.              

C. Site AGILE roadmap:

·Support creation of site roadmap detailing AGILE activities which will be executed in the fiscal year in collaboration with the Site Leadership Team.

·Ensure roadmap initiatives are present on SPOT reporting tool.

·Lead elements of the AGILE roadmap and AGILE 4.0 Wave initiatives under the guidance of the site BE Lead.

D. Coaching:

·Coach AGILE concepts and mindsets and behaviors across the organization, including Senior Leadership.

·Participate in site workshops to improve coaching capabilities.


工場には多様な機能・プロセスが存在し複雑な環境が存在します。このような環境に適応し、活動をリードするためにAGILE championは柔軟な思考、革新的な発想、リーダーシップ、コミュニケーションなどのスキルが求められ、常に前向きに、他者を巻き込みながら変化をリードできるケイパビリティが重要となります。また、プロジェクトを実施するために、論理的思考、問題解決手法、統計的な知識などの習得機会を提供します。

Technical/Functional Expertise

·Knowledge of pharmaceutical operations

·Logical thinker


·Excellent communication abilities

·Influences change and supports others in the change management process

Decision-making and Autonomy

·Inform decision making, all significant AGILE decisions at site will be taken by Business excellence.

·Develop business acumen during their tenure in AGILE to understand business impact and develop decision making capabilities.

·Responsible for developing their problem-solving capabilities.


·Interacts with all levels of the organization and collaborates strongly with other AGILE Champions

·Develops strong relationships with key stakeholders across the Takeda network.


·Inquisitive disposition

·Capable of connecting workstream activities to maximize AGILE impact

·Passionate about digital technology

·Shares openly and learns from others.


·Capable of operating across company culture


·Demonstrated passion for not accepting the status quo and self-driven to improve the business

·Courage of conviction and open to critical feedback

·Recognized as individual that demonstrated consistently strong performance over time and an aptitude for learning agility

·A natural leader, comfortable networking and connecting people.

·Agile learner with proven abilities to put theory into practice

·Project management capabilities

·Strong facilitation and organization abilities

·Excellent listening capabilities

·Language: Business English capability

·Fluent Japanese writing and verbal communication skill required



昇給・賞与: 昇給 原則年1回 賞与 年2回

勤務時間: 本社(大阪・東京) 9:00~17:30/工場(大阪・山口) 8:00~16:45 /研究所(神奈川)9:00~17:45


休暇: 年次有給休暇、特別有給休暇、リフレッシュ休暇、産前産後休暇、育児休暇、子の看護休暇、介護休暇、フィランソロピー休職制度


Empowering Our People to Shine


Osaka (Juso), Japan

Worker Type


Worker Sub-Type


Time Type

Full time